Laser Treatment Experience to Treat Back and Neck Pain

Om Akapan Namat (Actor)

During the period after the Songkran holiday, S-Spine and Nerve Hospital was honored to have treated a famous actor for his back and neck pain.

Khun Om Akapan Namat told the doctor he’s had to perform action scenes which use a lot of his strength. That could have been one of the causes of his lingering back and neck pain but he didn’t think it was a big issue and went on with his daily routine of exercising at the gym as normal.

However, he did some research via the internet whether his symptoms classify as chronic pain and found information about S-Spine and Nerve Hospital which is a specialized hospital on the spine and nervous system so he booked an appointment to meet our specialist.

After one and a half hours of a physical examination, x-ray, and MRI, the doctor found a slight herniated disc problem and recommended laser treatment which utilizes radio waves to lessen the pressure in the spinal disc and move it back in place. This is a new and most advanced technology which allows patients to avoid surgery.

Khun Om agreed to the procedure and was able to return home after an overnight stay. His pain had disappeared as the spinal disc was no longer pressing on his nerves.

He parting words were, “It is hard to have the pain completely disappear or become better but it is now possible today.”

Thank you to Khun Om Akapan Namat for trusting S-Spine and Nerve Hospital, the specialized hospital for spinal and nervous system injuries.

How about you? How would you know that the back pain you are experiencing stems from problems with your spine and nervous system?

The first thing you can do is to check whether the pain is related to muscle injuries or any other injuries. However, if the pain spreads down to your legs, chances are it is related to a herniated disc injury so you should seek the advice of a specialist.

Medication or physical therapy can help but if the pain is intense, you are advised to do an x-ray and MRI so your doctor can accurately diagnose your condition.

Solving the injury at its root cause for long-term treatment is what we at S-Spine and Nerve Hospital aim to do.

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