Impressive Experience in Receiving Herniated Disc Treatment of Khun Kamol Jeefoo

Nurse: What were your symptoms before you scheduled your visit?

Khun Kamol: I was in pain. It was so much pain from my neck, down to my collarbone and my shoulders, my shoulder blades to both of my arms. I was impressed with the doctor’s care and advice. He recommended a scan which found cervical spondylosis which caused so much pain that medication didn’t help. I was taking medication for years but wasn’t finding the cause of the pain.

Nurse: How did you feel after the treatment?

Khun Kamol: I felt such a great relief. Before I came here, I was in so much pain that I would cry on some days. I’ve visited clinics and hospitals everywhere but they only addressed my symptoms. Now my neck pain has receded so much. After the treatment, I didn’t dare do much. The doctor forbid lifting heavy weights so I did light household chores and wore my neck brace, which I take out only at night while sleeping. I am taking better care of myself so the problem does not occur again.

Nurse: How is your neck pain?

Khun Kamol: It’s a great relief. There is no more pain and my neck doesn’t feel heavy as before. There are no more headaches as well. The headaches used to be pounding and my eyes would feel like they are falling from their sockets. After the treatment, my left eye twitched a little but overall, I was really impressed. I didn’t think my condition can be treated so easily.

Nurse: Thai saying has it that right eye twitching means bad luck but left eye twitching is good luck (laughs).

Khun Kamol: (laughs and smiles happily) After going home, the twitching lessened and is now completely gone.

Nurse: And how is the pain in your arm?

Khun Kamol: A lot better.

Nurse: Can you compare your feelings before and after the treatment?

Khun Kamol: It feels totally good and okay. I am very satisfied. I can twist and turn in my sleep without any pain. Before the treatment, I would be in pain. Daily living was difficult and I wasn’t able to lift anything heavy or do much. It was the right decision to come here. The doctor is very kind.

Nurse: How is your daily living?

Khun Kamol: A lot better than before. It’s a relief. I was feeling very worried before. I wanted to sleep all day because I was in so much pain. Now I’m relieved.

Nurse: What do you think about traditional treatment versus the more technologically-advanced treatment?

Khun Kamol: There’s a huge difference. I used to be fearful of traditional treatment because it requires surgery and several days of hospitalization. Now, technology is so advanced. Watching the video and listening to the doctor explain the treatment helped me understand herniated disc injury better that it isn’t the same as muscle pain. My concerns lessened after hearing the doctor’s advice. The doctor is truly great.

Nurse: So how many nights did you spend in hospital?

Khun Kamol: Just one night and I can be discharged tomorrow. There was a bit of pain around the wound on the first day but it’s much better today.

Thank you to Khun Kamol Jeefoo for sharing her experience in receiving treatment at S-Spine and Nerve Hospital, the hospital specializing in spine and nervous system injuries. We hope that this has been beneficial for our readers.

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