Herniated Disc Treatment Experience
By Khun Chakri Buayaem

I’ve suffered from back pain and been receiving treatment for it at a private hospital, using my social security benefit, for the past seven years. Throughout my treatment there, “I met a spinal and joint specialist only once” and the rest of my hospital visits, I met with a general practitioner.

I will tell my doctor my symptoms and get medication for it. I felt as though my doctor may think I am making all this drama up and he’d reassure me by saying, “It’s okay. Everyone gets it. It can be treated by medication. Try to change your daily routine.”

I often thought to myself, “Who would want to be in pain or have a chronic illness?” During the weekend of a long weekend holiday (Buddhist Lent), I intended to go home to the provinces. However, at night I started feeling acute back pain which left me unable to sleep. I decided to go to my social security-registered hospital at 4AM even though I knew I wouldn’t get anything from it. The nurses asked me what happened and I told them I had such a severe back pain that I can’t sleep. The doctor then asked me why I didn’t come in during normal hours and I thought to myself if I could wait, why would I come at 4AM? The doctor injected a muscle relaxant and I left for home. My condition didn’t improve and actually worsened as I couldn’t stand and walk for long durations. On the third day, I searched on Google and found the message if you are experiencing chronic pain, come see us at Npain Clinic (currently S-Spine and Nerve Hospital). I called for an appointment that evening and got one for 10AM the next day. Once I arrived, nurses welcomed me and took my history. I met with a specialist immediately, who paid me great attention, questioned me about my symptoms, conducted physical tests on me, and sent me for an x-ray and MRI within the premises. The MRI showed I have a huge herniated disc problem which required immediate surgery. I was scheduled surgery the following day as the doctor was worried it would cause me to not be able to walk. Everything progressed very fast.

The surgery was done through a laparoscopy, leaving me with a small wound and requiring a shorter healing time. This is an example of efficient treatment at the root cause. Once I regained consciousness after the surgery, I noticed immediately that my back pain was gone and I had only minor pain from the wound. The nurses took good care of me back in my recuperating room. The following day, the doctor paid me a visit and asked me to walk for him, of which I did normally. The doctor shook my hand and congratulated me for being able to return to my normal lifestyle. To me, it was like light at the end of a tunnel. This is truly an efficient treatment. Thank you very much S-Spine and Nerve Hospital.

S-Spine and Nerve Hospital would like to thank Khun Chakri for sharing his experience of his back pain treatment and hope that an early and speedy diagnosis and treatment can end patients’ sufferings from pain.

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