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S Spine And Nerve Hospital
Thailand’s First and Only Specialist Hospital
for the Spine and Nervous System

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About S-Spine and Nerve Hospital

S Spine and Nerve Hospital

Spine Specialist Hospital

S-Spine and Nerve Hospital’s philosophy is:
“We strive to find the cause of your illness before starting treatment because we believe that finding the cause of your pain is the right way to treat your chronic pain illness, be it back pain, neck pain, headaches, or any other pain. Once we find the cause of the pain, treating it will mean the pain permanently goes away and you won’t have to rely on pain medication ever again.”

Medical Services

We treat all spinal-related illnesses by finding a permanent cure through searching for the root cause of your illness and fixing it, rather than just treating your symptoms. We try to avoid surgeries through the use of the most advanced technology available.

High Caliber Doctor

S-Spine and Nerve Hospital’s team of expert doctors are specialists in their fields and have extensive experience in treating illnesses related to the spine and nervous system. Our doctors consistently conduct more studies and research with international specialist medical professionals.


Team of Expert Doctors

Our team of experienced doctors is available to treat any spinal abnormalities.


Accurate Diagnosis of Root Cause of Illness

The advanced technology we utilize allows us to accurately diagnose the root cause of your illness.


Most Advanced Treatment Technology

Our team of doctors and nurses are experienced in utilizing the most advanced technology such as laser technology or laparoscopic surgery so you can have “smaller wounds and lesser pain.”


We Leave Our Patients’ Impressed

Our patients leave impressed with our accurate diagnosis and precise treatment which allows our patients to return to their normal daily lifestyle.

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