Back pain can occur in people of all ages but is predominant among the elderly and those with risk behaviors such as those who have to lift heavy objects for their work or those who face sports-related accidents. Most back pain stems from an abnormal link between the spinal cord nerve and the spine such as herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, or even abnormal bone growth depressing the nerve. These conditions result in back pain and more severe cases will see pain spread to the legs or arms. If left untreated, the legs or arms could become weaker and finally result in paralysis which would worsen the patient’s quality of life.

Back Surgery-Simpler Than Ever

When we mention surgery, everyone will say no to it. This especially pertains to back surgery with many believing that it can lead to paralysis or even death. Outdated technology makes surgery feel scary, particularly surgery on the spine which is often a large surgery requiring a huge incision, loss of blood, risk of infection, and months of recovery with the result not guaranteed. This led to the belief that back surgery should not be risked because it may result in paralysis and for patients to tolerate their back pain. However, that is no longer the case today.

S-Spine and Nerve Hospital, the specialist hospital for the spine and nervous system, introduces advanced technology and innovations which are very safe and only require an overnight stay in the hospital. Patients can be discharged and go back to work right away.

Small Incision, Less Pain, Speedy Recovery

The latest technology has been designed specifically for the treatment of back pain and various chronic pain. From a 10-20 centimeter incision, the current method of surgery requires only a 0.5 centimeter incision.

Avoid Surgery with Laser Treatment

Those with minimal symptoms may not even have to undergo surgery and require only a 1 millimeter incision to receive laser treatment to treat their herniated disc injury. The physician will insert a fiber optic cable camera, which is as small as a pin, into the body through a 1 millimeter incision at the base of the spine to the area where the spinal discs meet. The physician will be able to see inside the patient’s body clearly via the screen which projects the image from the camera. The physician can treat the injury using laser designed specifically for the treatment of herniated disc injuries. The patient won’t feel like they underwent surgery and within a couple of hours, they will be able to resume their normal routine like they’ve never had any back pain. They can be discharged as soon as the following day.

How will you know if your back pain stems from the spine? First, you need to check whether your pain is muscular pain or caused by other diseases. Back pain which spreads to the leg is most likely caused by a herniated disc. If you detect it early and consult a physician right away, the pain may be treated by medication or physical therapy. However, if the pain is severe, the physician may request an x-ray and MRI for an accurate diagnosis so the cause of the pain can be addressed for a sustainable treatment. This is what the team of medical professionals at S-Spine and Nerve Hospital focus on. Come see us for your chronic pain. We are happy to provide consultation for those in need.

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