Most people seem to think that spinal problems are rare and only happen to the elderly or those who don’t have enough calcium intake. Today we will share the experience of Khun Koh Charnchai Kaiyasit, a news anchor and host who experienced back pain from a herniated disc injury.

Laser Treatment Experience to Treat Back Pain of Khun Koh Charnchai Kaiyasit, News Anchor/Host

Back Pain

I had been experiencing back pain for about a year. I think the cause of it was from playing sports or from office syndrome because my work requires me to sit still for long periods.

Cause of Back Pain

One day I went to the gym after a long period of absence. I was lifting weights as normal. People who exercise usually experience aches and pain after their session but it was different this time. One night I woke up not feeling fine. I was going to make my way to the bathroom but I couldn’t get up. There was intense pain. I slowly tried to sit up but I had to lie back down, thinking I might have been too aggressive with my exercise or was it my lumpy mattress which caused the problem.

Finding the Cause

I went to the doctor for an x-ray. The doctor said I had degenerative spinal discs near my pelvis. The two discs were compressing into each other. Fortunately, it’s not as bad as a herniated disc problem.

Initial Treatment

The initial treatment was medication and physical therapy, as well as an ultrasound at the problematic area. I also got massages every now and then and had to cut down on weightlifting or lifting heavy objects. I can still swim and if I need to lift something, I need to do it in the correct posture. If I forgot, pain would shoot down from my back to my pelvis and sometimes my legs. My legs would tense up and hurt like an elderly person. I didn’t feel that it was normal but I went on with the treatment because I didn’t want surgery.

Afraid of Surgery

I am afraid of surgeries, particularly spinal surgeries. I have the impression that the wound would be big and I question if I will be the same after the surgery and what side effects there will be. These are usually the concerns of those with a herniated disc injury. If there were other alternatives, such as laser treatment or laparoscopic surgery which targets the problem and involves minimal pain while providing the solution, the patient would feel better. I’d feel more confident in my daily living because I have to sit down for three hours while anchoring the news so my body weight would press on my pelvis when I sit.

Finding out about S-Spine and Nerve Hospital

I’d been recommended S-Spine and Nerve Hospital for quite some time but I was afraid of surgery, especially spinal surgery. Before arriving here, I’d been living normally, going shopping and lifting objects. I thought I was back to normal but after a while, I’d experience so much pain that I had to sit down. But sitting down was also painful, walking was painful, and sleeping still left me with pain. Therefore, I decided to come here to find the cause of my pain.

Finding the Cause at S-Spine and Nerve Hospital

When I got here, the doctor did an x-ray and MRI. The MRI showed a very clear picture of my degenerate disc and herniated disc injuries. I knew that using alternative treatment like physical therapy and massage would be risky so I realized I had to seek treatment because the pain kept me home anyway and I can see that medication would not help any longer.

Decision on Treatment

I asked the doctor whether the treatment would be painful, what the side effects are, the percentage of success, and how big the wound would be. The doctor recommended a laser procedure so I agreed to it and scheduled the date for the procedure.

Post Treatment

I had thought surgery would mean I wouldn’t be able to get up after it was done and it would be painful but in fact, I was able to get up to go to the bathroom and to walk around as if nothing is out of the ordinary. The sitting postures which used to bring pain now don’t. My friends were planning to visit me at the hospital but I was discharged after an overnight stay so they didn’t even make it.

After being in pain for a year, Khun Koh Charnchai Kaiyasit can now return to his normal lifestyle. His doctor has recommended that he doesn’t lift heavy objects; doesn’t sit for over two hours or if he needs to, he should change his posture; and choose safe exercise and activities so he does not develop any spinal injuries again.

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