40 Years of Neck Pain Spreading to Arms

Khun Narong Ratanasalee shares his experience receiving treatment at S-Spine and Nerve Hospital, the specialized hospital to treat spine and nervous system injuries.

Before meeting the doctor, he had been experiencing neck pain which spread to his right arm for over 40 years. He had received treatment for his symptoms, such as oral medication, injections, and physical therapy and he had been tolerating the pain for a long time after which the pain intensified.

Two weeks before meeting the doctor, his pain had gotten so terrible. An x-ray and MRI found that he had cervical spondylosis at the C4-C5, C5-C6, and C6-C7 neck spinal discs, resulting in his pain.

Doctor Dittapol Boonampol, our spine and nervous system specialist, recommended laser treatment as opposed to a surgery, which would fix the problem at the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms as he had been doing.

Khun Narong was concerned due to his elderly years and his other illnesses but after hearing details of the procedure, which carries minimal risk as it is not a large surgery and requires just an overnight stay, his concerns lessened and he agreed to the procedure being done on that day.

Following the procedure, the neck pain receded noticeably and Khun Narong felt as if he has gotten his life back. More importantly, he only had to stay at the hospital overnight whereas a surgery would have required months of recuperation, which he had experienced with other illnesses.

S-Spine and Nerve Hospital features state-of-the-art innovations and technology and a team of specialists to treat chronic pain at the root cause for the safety and speedy recovery of patients so they can return to their normal lifestyle and avoid large surgeries.

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