Khun Pacharapol had been suffering from a herniated disc injury and seek treatment at S-Spine and Nerve Hospital, the hospital which specializes in spine and nervous system injuries.

Khun Pacharapol said he met with an accident while on a motorbike trip to Sangkhlaburi in December 2016.

The accident happened at night while he was walking downhill to his tent. It was dark and there was light from just a few street lamps. He couldn’t see properly so he tripped and fell on his bottom. He felt intense pain but didn’t think much of it and took painkillers to alleviate the pain. Once he returned to Bangkok, he went to a hospital but there were no other symptoms so he returned to his normal living.

Two months later, he felt numbness in his right leg so he visited his social security-registered hospital where he was prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxants but they did not help. He began researching his symptoms on the internet and believed he suffered from a herniated disc injury. He visited many doctors and therapists for massages and physical therapy, which would help only for 2-3 days. He began worrying that he may become paralyzed because his work requires standing for long durations. Just walking about 100 meters to a convenience store near his house had become an impossible feat. While on Facebook, he saw an ad for S Spine and Nerve Hospital so he booked an appointment right away.

He met with Doctor Dittapong Boonampol, Thailand’s leading spine and nervous system specialist, who recommended an MRI to find the cause of his pain. He was to return three days later for his results.

The MRI result found that he suffered from a herniated disc which required surgery as the problem was already extensive beyond physical therapy. Leaving it untreated may lead to paralysis as the nerve would gradually be damaged.

He went home to consult his family before scheduling the operation.

On the day of the operation, he was asked to come in early and had to avoid eating eight hours before the operation time.

One month after the surgery, he is recuperating well but he still needs more recuperation before he can resume sports.

He would like to thank doctors and staff at S-Spine and Nerve Hospital for their great care of him from the first day he visited the hospital up until after the surgery. He is grateful for his new life and for being able to return to his normal lifestyle. He encourages anyone suffering similar symptoms to schedule a visit to S-Spine and Nerve Hospital.
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